Most, if not all of us, experience some degree of trauma. 

It could be a break-up, loss of a loved one, neglect, abuse or another major life event. 

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the mind and body are so interconnected that the symptoms of a traumatic stressor can manifest physically within us. While we may be able to process these emotions in a healthy way, when we are unable to do so those emotions can become what some described as “trapped emotions”. 

When we try to suppress, deny or dismiss our true feelings, those feelings never truly disappear. We develop adaptive strategies to deal with or mask the pain. 

Our bodies are also affected. 

When trauma isn’t processed or resolved, our body keeps the score (as further discussed by Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk in his book of the same name). Intentional movement has been found to help address unprocessed emotions and tension in the body. 

So, I took to dance to help me address what words could not.

But, it’s not just a dance to me. 

It’s my medicine. 

A medicine as old as the ancient of days. 

Consider bringing in rhythm and dance into your regular routines. 

There’s healing in each step. 

So if you haven’t had your dose of dance medicine today, won’t you join me for one song?

I’ve never taken a professional dance class.

This dance was not choreographed.

I just pressed play and allowed my body to move.

Won’t you join me?

Click here to watch the video