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We believe God longingly desires to come into the most intimate spaces in our hearts – particularly those spaces inhabited by fear and wounds from our past that keep us from living in complete freedom. 

We create faith-based books and practical tools and resources to train and equip God’s children of all ages to release unhealthy mindsets and walk in the fullness of life they were created to have. Our vision is one in which people across generations learn what it means to live unchained now.

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As an attorney, Gina has spent years helping businesses develop clean energy projects that will leave the world a healthier place for future generations to come. 

But it’s not just the environment that needs a healing touch. She is passionate about working with people to help heal the wounds and mindsets that keep them from living in the fullness of life that God created them to have. That is what Live Unchained Now is all about. So welcome as we go on this radical healing journey together!


Can we let you in on a little secret? Gina’s first hildren’s book is currently under development! We can’t wait to share more details with you as we near the book launch. 

With whimsical rhythm and rhyme, the book helps young children recognize the importance of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Through the book, we follow the journey of a little elephant whose limiting beliefs about himself cast doubt on the incredible things God desires to do through him. As the little elephant faces his fears, we see him break loose from his chains and embrace the EXTRAORDINARY being God created him to be!

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